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About Us

At Blue Bubbles Pre-School our aims are to learn through play. This enables children to follow their imagination and have play experiences tailored to individual childrens interests. Blue Bubbles Pre-School provids a safe and stimulating environment encouraging children to develop and achieve at their own pace. We offer children a broad range of experiences to build on their current knowledge and skills as well as develop new ones. This provides a strong foundation for good future progress through school and life.

Encouraging children to explore and discover, promoting their confodence, self-esteem and independance is built into our ethos.

Providing a relaxed and settled environment that builds positive relationships and values all adults and children is important to us. 


Each child has a designated key person (member of staff) who we feel is capable of best meeting your childs needs. Your key person will work closely in partnership with yourself and your child to ensure that your childs care and learning is tailored to meet their individual needs. Your key person will be your main point of contact. You will recieve regular updates about your childs progress, achievements and next steps from this person. 

Your child will have their own learning journey which will go home on a regular basis. This journal will be filled in by your key person and can be added to by your child/parents/carers and extended family. It will contain photos, comments, pieces of work, observations that will build up an overall picture of your childs individual development.


Blue Bubbles Pre-School has been designed to maximise play opportunities for all children. Our Pre-School consists of dedicated indoor and outdoor learning environments. Our indoor area is a large open space incorporating a kitchen zone for cooking, messy play area and comfy zones for quiet and story times. We have a role-play area and a climbing zone. We also offer a vast amount of equipment and resources to support children in their play and learning in our picture/print environment. We have an on-site indoor soft play facility that children use on a daily basis. This experience makes our pre-school quite unique. 

We have a free-flow, self contained outdoor area that builds on all 7 areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage. The floor has a wet pour covering and sheltered area enabling all year round outdoor play, building children’s interest in the natural environment. Outside also offers various portable large play equipment, including a sand and water pit and a playhouse. Blue Bubbles Pre-School has three open plan children’s toilets, one of which is a disabled toilet with a nappy changing area. This enables children to develop their self-care and independence skills. All children attending Blue-Bubbles Pre-School will have access to Bubbles Active Play (indoor soft play equipment).

We go on various trips during the year from farms to reindeer lodges.


Blue Bubbles Pre-School lunch hour is from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. 

Blue Bubbles Pre-School is a Healthy Tots Accredited setting. We ask for parents/carers support to help us maintain this status. At Blue Bubbles Pre-School all children will have access to our ‘Hydration Station’. This includes drinks such as water, milk and sugar free juice. Staff will support your child to use this station at meal times and regular intervals during the day. You will be required to provide healthy, balanced foods if bringing in a packed lunch and snacks from home. Lunch boxes will be stored in the Pre-School fridge until lunch time. Hot or cold meals can be provided by Bubbles at an additional cost of £3.00. Please ensure packed lunches are self-contained as this will help prepare your child for school by building on their independence and confidence. A healthy packed lunch is essential to enable your child to grow and develop. We praise healthy lunch boxes/food choices with our ‘Apple Certificate’. 

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